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Monday, December 13, 2021

6:30 pm

Topic:  "The Hurricane of 1938"

Speaker:  Stephen Long

Location: Amherst Town Library

     A hurricane will never surprise us again. But that’s what happened to the people of New England on September 21, 1938. Without any warning, the most destructive weather event ever to hit the Northeast pummeled the coast and blasted its way to Vermont and New Hampshire with torrential rain, flooding, and sustained winds of 100 miles per hour.
     In his book,
Thirty-Eight: The Hurricane that Transformed New England, Stephen Long tells the story of New England’s Katrina. A journalist and co-founder of Northern Woodlands magazine, Long focuses on the devastation to the region’s forests and the daunting challenge facing New Englanders still in the throes of the Great Depression. His presentation is richly illustrated with archival photos of storm damage and the unprecedented recovery operation.
     Long’s presentation brings us back to a time before chainsaws and skidders, when New Hampshire’s ponds were full of logs waiting to be sawn on portable mills. Eighty years later, New Hampshire’s current forest mix springs largely from this hurricane that uprooted a billion board feet of its white pine forests.

Stephen Long is the former editor and publisher of 
Northern Woodlands magazine and has been a Charles Bullard Fellow at Harvard Forest. Originally trained as a journalist and writer, he developed expertise in forestry, silviculture, conservation policy, and the natural history of New England after moving to Vermont in 1989. He founded the magazine Vermont Woodlands in 1994, which quickly grew and became Northern Woodlands, covering New York and New England. Long served as both an editor and contributor for seventeen years, before leaving to pursue his own research and writing. He is the author of More Than a Woodlot: Getting the Most from Your Family Forest. He lives in Corinth, VT.

Monday, February 14, 2022

7:30 pm

Topic:  "TBD"

Speaker:  TBD

Location: TBD

Monday, April 11, 2022

7:30 pm

Topic:  "TBD"

Speaker:  TBD

Location: TBD

Monday, June 13, 2022

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Topic:  "Annual Membership Reception"

Location: Wigwam Musuem

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